Application to Rent


Basic Admission Criteria:




·           Head of Household, Unrelated Co-Tenants must be at least 18 years old;


·           A household's monthly income/employment must be stable (i.e. employed at current job at least three months) and sufficient to pay required rent (rent-to-income ratio cannot exceed 35%);


·           Satisfactory rental or mortgage history for a minimum of three consecutive years or three consecutive landlords. (Relatives do not count as a previous Landlord reference); 


·           Satisfactory credit history and credit rating (i.e., NO unpaid collection accounts, accounts 60-90 days past due or bankruptcies in past three years).


·           No conviction in the past five years for (among other things):  illegal drug or gang activity, violent acts against another person, burglary, robbery, vandalism, child abuse, child molestation or child neglect.


·           No more than two persons per bedroom; no more than three unrelated persons per household.




Application Procedures:


·           One application for every household member over 18 years old.  A nonrefundable application fee of $45.00 is required for each application and must be paid before processing can begin.


·           Copy of current Driver's License or current Picture I.D; copy of Social Security Card is required for each applicant 18 years or older. 


·           Parties requiring and entering into a Co-signature Addendum must complete a "Co-signature Application" and pay an additional $45.00 application fee. A co-signer will be subject to employment and credit verification prior to acceptance as a co-signer.  The Addendum must be executed and notarized by all parties within 7 days of application date.


·           An agreed to security deposit must be paid on the date of lease signing. If owner/agent rejects the application(s), the security deposit will be refunded in full.


·           An applicant's misrepresentation of any information provided on the application will be sufficient reason to reject the application to rent.




Rejection of Application:


·           Employment and Landlord verification must be made within 7 days of application, if agent is unable to gain needed information, property will continue to be shown and application will be rejected. At any point during the verification process, if a negative report is received, the Application to Rent may be rejected and the applicant will be notified in writing of the rejection.


            If your credit is frozen, please ensure that it is unfrozen so that Touchstone may obtain a full credit report, or the application will be denied and/or another $45 charge to run the credit again once account is unfrozen.




Statement of Non-Discrimination:


·           Touchstone Property Services LLC, owners, agents, employees and contractors will not discriminate based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, handicap, disability, marital or familial status in leasing, rental or other disposition of housing or related facilities and will comply with all Federal, State, and Local fair housing and civil rights laws and with all equal opportunity requirements.




Application to Rent

A nonrefundable $20.00 application fee will be required at the time of submission with each application made.  Application fees can be dropped off at our Fort Collins office.  Please note applications will not be procesed until the application fee payment is recieved. A separate application is required for each applicant 18 years of age and older.

Rental References (Must be three consecutive references or three consecutive years)
Household Composition (List who will occupy the property)
Occupant 1
Employment/Source(s) of Income

List any other sources of income you receive and the monthly gross amounts:

Additional Information
Bank Information
Special Needs
Pet Information
Auto Information
Personal References

Touchstone Properties is a licensed real estate company in the state of colorado.  The broker is leasing and/or managing the property as agent for the owner and the broker is not an agent for the resident.  The broker will negotiate on behalf of and act as an advocate for the owner.  Information disclosed by you must be shared with the owner.  

By signing,  applicant represents that the information is true and correct and authorizes Touchstone LLC to contact and  verify:   credit, present and previous landlords, present and previous employers,  all other income sources  and personal references listed on  this application.

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